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                Qingdao Rongyuda International Trade Co., Ltd is a combined enterprise which is engaged in the development, manufacture, sales and service of automatic feeding systems and housing equipment for modern poultry and piggery industry.
                   We have produced galvanization tubes for feeder and water line more than ten years, and kept in supplying to quite a few world famous animal husbandry equipment companies. Our products have been exported to many oversea markets in last few years, which helped our clients to improve their efficiency and profits.
                   Our high quality poultry equipment with competitive price are d…

                Qingdao Rongyuda International Trade Co., Ltd
                Add: 8/F, Century Mansion, No. 39 Donghai West Road, Qingdao, China
                Tel: +86-532-86670977
                Mobile: Fei Zhuang??+86 17362229009
                ???????Jason Dong +86 15020087957
                Email: postmaster@rongyuda.cn
                Website: www.art-baden.com
                PRODUCT CENTER
                Factory and Machines